Saturday, September 28, 2019

Latest Homemade Instrument

In July of 2018, while touring the country by bicycle, my wife and I met some neat people in Mason City, Iowa. We spent a couple of days with them. They invited us to return in 2019 and ride with their team during RAGBRAI.  Last April we figured we could make it and signed up. Our son, Geoff, joined us, too. We spent a week with Team Zippy. The team is named after Zippy the Pinhead, an absurdist cartoon character created by Bill Griffith who was kind enough to allow the team to use Zippy's likeness at no charge. While in Iowa I picked up a couple of Iowa license plates with the intent of building a guitar for my friends there. I think they'll be pleased with it. I should also mention that it plays and sounds great.

A 2019 RAGBRAI-themed license plate guitar. 

Decals of the overnight stay cities.

It's acoustic/electric.

Decals of the daily wristbands worn by registered rides.

A photo of the Team Zippy bus graces the back.