Saturday, November 3, 2007

Head and Heart

A fascinating history of our religious roots and the path we have taken as a nation. One bit of irony that struck me. The predecessors of today's Baptists were persecuted for their faith by the very Christians today's Baptists claim founded this nation as a Christian one. You can read more about the book here.

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Timothy said...

One problem with the book review/or the book:

>"Abortion is not treated in the Ten Commandments -- or anywhere in Jewish Scripture. It is not treated in the Sermon on the Mount -- or anywhere in the New Testament. It is not treated in the early creeds. It is not treated in the early ecumenical councils."

Abortion is forbidden in the Didache, which was widely read and followed among the early Church.

That abortion ws not mentioned by early Church counsils indicates that the teaching that abortion is wrong was not diusputed by early Christians.

Doctrine on abortion was held by all Christians until 1930, when only the Catholics and Orthodox persevered until the late 20th century when other denominations recognized their error.

God bless...