Friday, February 15, 2013

Hypocrisy 101

George Nethercutt, presenting the "other side" over at the Inlander this week, complains about polarity and its effect on Congress's inability to accomplish anything. He says,  

"More negative comments about Congress solve nothing."  

And yet he makes negative comments about President Obama as if he's found the solution. 

"President Obama should dismount from his high horse..."  

"With a Pied Piper in the White House..."  

"...the economic death threat that lurks for the United States as citizens are tempted by the muse’s intoxicating music and message."  

"...a contrarian president."  

On one hand Mr Nethercutt righteously deplores such negativity and on the other he relies on it. I suppose I should cut him a little slack. After all, the contrarian high-horse Pied-Piping leading-us-to-death President probably started it.

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Prudence said...

The Spokane buses now have signs ordering riders to BE FRIENDLY. Not just courteous, mind you. Not, "please be polite." BE FRIENDLY. First the plastic world of Facebook "friendships" replaced political debate, now the buses. Look for the friendly command right above the command "Report any suspicious activity."

So, be friendly spies, your government has spoken. Just in case the Sovietesque signs aren't enough, there are four color high-def surveillance cams perfect for facial recognition, and an (illegal but who cares) audio recording system.

It's not just Congress, it's the way the elites are running the whole populace. You can be a US President who murders American children--as long as you're polite and look "friendly." You can be a Wall Street banker and defraud the entire country--as long as you wear the perfect tie. Congressmen and aides revolve between DC and lucrative private sinecures--but they know how to talk about American values! Join Occupy, but here are some nice Homeland Security types to throw you in jail. Oh Happy Day!

America's new motto: Don't say shit even if your mouth is full of it.