Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vegas Trip

As a sort of celebration for sending our our third and final child off to college and becoming empty nesters, Kathy and I went to Las Vegas with some friends. 
 The view from the High Roller, purportedly the world's tallest observation wheel.

 Coming off the High Roller we stumbled upon a bike ride.

 These are custom bikes from four different states.

 The yellow isn't bright enough for me.

 Cool pedals and chain ring.

 We saw Le RĂªve.

 Cirque de Soleil shows...

 ...are always awesome.

 Blooming flowers at the end.

 We also saw Penn and Teller. Here's Kathy in the box before the show.

There was something familiar about the bass player in the jazz ensemble that played for an hour before the show started. Yep, Penn Jillette plays the bass among other instruments. Of course, the show was chock full of excellent how-do-they-do-that moments. After the show Kathy wanted to hurry to the bathroom before it got crowded. But we were delayed because the stars of the show hang out in the hallway outside the theater so for a meet and greet afterwards. How cool is that? Since we had rushed out so quickly we were one of the first to chat with them. I found Penn and Teller to be very gracious and appreciative of their audience. 

World's worst selfie with a celebrity.

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