Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Reputation Did Not Precede Me

This weekend I'm headed over to Tacoma to hang out with my brother, John, and do some cyclocross racing. I signed up for the Men's 55+ and the Single Speed on both days. After registering I clicked on the Race Predictor for all the races. I'm listed in third place for both of Saturday's races. And I'm listed 2nd and 4th for Sunday's races.

That's crazy! I don't know how USA Cycling crunches the numbers to reach these conclusions. Maybe they forgot to carry an aught or something. I wonder if doing two races each time makes a difference.

Hopefully, nobody goes to any great lengths to find out who I am before the race.

Racer 1: Hey, who's this Hank Greer guy from Spokane?

Racer 2: That's him over there wearing the pink and yellow tie.

Racer 1: With the matching socks?

Racer 2: Yeah.


No pressure on me, right? My plan is to race the 55+, complete the single speed, and have fun. Mostly have fun.

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