Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scam Phone Calls

I've received two calls on my answering machine in which someone with an Indian or Pakistani accent, one time identifying himself as Steve Miller (Go on take the money and run, woo-hoo-hoo), informed me--not by name--that I needed to return the call immediately or risk being arrested and hauled in front of a federal magistrate judge or a grand jury. The first call concerned the IRS and a problem with my--again not by name--tax return and the guy left an area code 804 (Virginia) phone number. The second call didn't mention a specific crime and "Steve Miller" left an area code 706 (California) number.

It's too bad they don't call when I'm home so I can have some fun with them.


Anonymous said...

That's why I finally ditched the home phone and went all cell. 80% of my calls were either scams or someone trying to sell/collect money from me. It did save me $65 a month getting rid of the phone.
But I will miss hearing "Rachael from credit card services" they were a fun bunch of people to mess with.


Anonymous said...

Talking to a Verizon friend about them losing customers. He said that has dried up and customers keep their Verizon landlines to call their lost cell phones.

I'm definitely keeping my land line. It's free to retirees.

Rachael calls me every day along with solar panel sales. My favorite is the guy from Microsoft telling me my pc has a virus and he wants access to my computer to fix it. I have lots of fun with this crook.