Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Phoenix Visit

Work took me to Phoenix Sunday through Tuesday. I was surprised to see that downtown Phoenix is practically a ghost town during non-business hours. I thought it was quiet and abandoned because of Easter but the few people working said Sundays are always like this. I took the train in from the airport. A bargain at $2.00 for a one way fare.

The return trip on Tuesday afternoon was way more crowded. Standing room only. That's a good thing because people are using the public transit. But there was a building fire right next to the tracks at one point. So we got off at one station and caught a bus to get around the fire to a couple stations down the line and back on the train.

And that's when it happened.

A young lady offered me her seat.

It's official. I look old.

I saw lots of people on bikes but never on one of these.

 I thought you measured the base of the tower.
I thought you measured the top of the building.
That's okay. I think we can make this work.

 I was attracted by the colors.

Got the shot!

 Jellyfish-like sculpture on the ASU campus.

 Building art done right.

Do they ever clean their sidewalks here?

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CohoMike said...

Old? Welcome to the club. Come on in, the water's fine.