Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am never surprised, but continually amazed, at religion's claim to hold dominion over what I call The Way Things Came To Be. (I'm referring specifically to Christianity, but others apply as well.) You'd think that what we've learned about our physical universe would have resulted in a very enlightened mankind, but even today we have people who believe the world is only five or six thousand years old. Science perseveres despite the "truth" found in the Bible and other religious texts and stories, yet it still takes a beating even today. I think the greatest disservice religion does to itself is promoting ignorance by putting faith over fact. And that's why I'm not surprised. Scientific discoveries diminish religion's significance by providing solid evidence over a text of myths, legends and history. Religion puts up an awesome fight. Why? Because we think our intelligence makes us special. So it follows that we were specially made by something so special we can't comprehend it like we can everything else. How ironic that the very thing that makes us special holds us back. Nice move, evolution!

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