Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More Snow Biking

Over the last three days I've been slogging along the trails at Holmberg Park. For some reason I was thinking that the Centennial Trail would be easier and that there wouldn't be as much snow. I parked at the ranger station at Nine Mile Dam and got the bike out. I started riding a bit and tried to shift to the middle chain ring when the gear shifter snapped right off. Bad omen.

Well, I only needed the low gears anyway so I headed south on a plowed roadway. Once I hit the trail proper, reality in the form of Mr T slapped me upside the head and said, "I pity the fool who tries to ride his ice bike on the trail!" So while there were some rideable parts...

...I was pushing the bike uphill a lot.

It was quiet and peaceful, like I had the place to myself even though I ran into a couple of hikers along the way. There were some bike tracks on the trail and it looked like a much stronger rider than me had come through. Props to him or her.

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Web said...

I would love to be riding the Centennial Trail right now. I bet the only sounds were the crunching of the snow beneath your tires and your breathing.

The river looks very tranquil too.

Thanks for sharing; best wishes with your shifter cable.