Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Steed In The Stable

I bit the bullet and ordered a bike from Glen. I picked it up last Monday and today was my first opportunity to take it out. I have to say, Glen makes a helluva bike.

An Elephant in it's natural habitat.

I'm not a gear head so you're not going to hear me talk about frame geometry, gear ratios, components or the like. It's better to leave that to people in the know. But I can tell you that I took this out on trail and asphalt and it was the most comfortable riding bike I've ever been on. It handled great on the trails and I was struck by the improvement in maneuverability over my road bike. Cyclocross racing is going to be even more fun next fall.

Approaching my exit.

Bucket O' Elephant.


Spokane Al said...

Wow it is pretty! Congratulations.

Pat S said...

stone cold awesome. So great to see a fine piece of equipment in the hands of someone who will totally appreciate and use the hell out of it.

Brian J said...

Great move, custom bike built by a Elephant speaks for itself! Not a gear head either but the ride is so impressive I picked up a 50 and 34 for up front. May let the carbon sit out a couple twilight races, yep one sweet ride!