Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cyclocross Race

Geoff is visiting for the weekend and he decided to give cross racing a try. I was in the Men's Masters 50+ in the third race and Geoff entered the Cat 4 Men in Race 4.

I felt a lot better today than I did at the race a couple weeks ago. I was holding my own and battling back and forth with three other guys until halfway through lap four. We got into the technical area and my front wheel slid out on a turn. I went down and the guy behind me ran over my calf. It happens. I got back on the bike but the chain had come off so I lost more time futzing with that. I spent the last 1-1/2 laps trying to catch up with them again, but it was for naught. Regardless, I felt I had a good race. It's much more fun when you have people with similar skills and strength to race against. 

Geoff had a good time in his first race. I went over dismounting and mounting the bike with his yesterday. I pretty much taught him everything I know. It took me about five minutes. The main thing to remember is that blood makes a good photo but protruding bone makes an awesome one.

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