Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh Jeez

Changes in the technology we use can be smooth, disruptive, hardly noticeable, or irritating.

When I opened Google Reader a few days ago and saw the pop-up, I thought it was a hack. "Google Reader will no longer be available after July 1, 2013." Yeah, right, I thought. Then Reader displayed all my unread articles, several of which concerned the upcoming demise of Reader.

Bummer. Now I have to find a replacement that will work on my iPad and my Droid.

Speaking of Droid, my carrier just updated mine. The update changed the settings of one of my email accounts so that when I deleted an email from my Droid it also deleted it from the server. Before the update it only deleted the local copy. I always use a mail client for that account and when I checked my account settings on the server, I learned that deleted items in my Trash folder get to exist one day before they are permanently deleted. So I lost a whole day of email. I think a couple of them seemed mildly important.

Computers make our lives so much easier, right? Excuse me. I'm just having a little whine with my jeez.


Pope Francis Sinatra said...

First Google kills Reader, then a court kills National Security Letters.

Robert Mueller is, like, what the hell am I gonna read in the crapper?

Spokane Al said...

Try Feedly -