Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wanna Play Chicken?

On my ride home, I was headed north on Regal about 1-1/2 blocks away from Francis and I was two young men coming my way. One was on a kick scooter. He was initially on the right side (my left) of the road. Then he saw me coming and he moved over to my side. I moved left to the center of the road and he tracked right to the middle. I moved back to the right and he moved with me. He was heading right at me.

I could see this young man was a teen, probably of high school age, and he was physically bigger than me. He hunkered down and his posture, combined with the look on his face, conveyed to me that he would continue to head right at me. I couldn't imagine why. I decided to call his bluff and stay on course. I was trying to think of what he might try to do. Maybe he would try to clothesline me or something. So I prepared to slam him if he tried anything. With about 15 feet to go he suddenly veered to his right. Well, scooters don't veer very well and he went down.

"F***ing bitch!"

I said nothing, cruised on by and went on to Francis. While waiting at the stop sign another young man crossed from the other side on a scooter.

"Dude, it's not like you're a f***ing car or something. You could go around him."

I didn't say anything to him, either.

But what a relief to learn it was all my fault.


John Greer said...

Pretty F#@!ing funny Hank.

Anonymous said...

Was he just going to the store for an iced tea and some skittles?

Born Every Minute said...

Might be some noncar version of the bump and run scam. Maybe they were after your bike.