Monday, September 8, 2014

Spokefest 2014

Kathy and I have attended all seven Spokefests now so I guess that makes us perennials. Yesterday's weather was great and Spokefest had a record turnout of 2200 people. I took about a thousand pictures during the ride. One thing I observed was that the way I was dressed seemed to make people more amenable to having their picture taken while I walked around at the start and at a food stop.

Our friends and neighbors, Bob and Donna, did Spokefest with us last year on big box store mountain bikes. This year they rode the road bikes they bought last spring. They said the difference was phenomenal, which is to be expected. Also joining me and Kathy were my sister Barb, and our friend, Lucy. The day was beautiful, the ride was great, and we capped it off with food and beer at Madeleine's.

You can check out the boatload of photos I took on Facebook.

 Sporting my cyclocross bike and matching racing kit.

Kathy, Barb, and Lucy.

Bob, Donna, Kathy, Lucy, and Barb.

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