Sunday, April 19, 2015

Training Days

I'm trying to get ready for the 24 Hour Race. Yesterday I put in six hours and today I did seven hours of riding the trails at Riverside State Park. I really don't have a lot to say except it's great to be able to enjoy the outdoors for so long. The Scott Genius has been great. I flow through the single track much better than I did on the 29er. I will probably need a new seat bag soon. When I bottom out the rear shock the rear tire rubs against the bag. It doesn't happen very often but it's irritating when it does. I don't think this old bag is going to survive many more of those.

Today I tried out some new shoes. The new cleats fit in the pedals a little tighter than my old shoes and I should have adjusted the pedals accordingly. Instead I waited until I almost came to a stop in a bunch of big rocks and couldn't pull my foot out of the pedal to catch myself. So over I went. Lesson learned.

 Obligatory bike photo.

 I'm not sure how this happened. The chain ring resides on the other side of my foot. 
But doing the impossible has always been my thing.

To soothe the wounds.

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