Saturday, May 9, 2015

Missouri Trip

Last weekend Kathy and I went to Missouri to attend her sister's graduation as a registered nurse. Yep, we have yet another nurse in the family.

Mary Beth and her family.

Kathy stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things. My nephew Alex was with us. We were killing time just walking around when I randomly told him to grab a toilet seat to carry around the store. To my surprise he did. I thought it only fair that I should carry something too so I picked up a pair of XXL panties, black with pink lace. You hardly notice them. We walked up and down aisles and Alex kept track of all the looks we got. It was pretty funny. Of course, when we caught up with Kathy she asked, "What the heck are you doing?" And then she took our picture.

Kathy's a fan of the Cardinals so we caught a game.  It was the last game in the series against Pittsburgh. It went 14 innings and St Louis won it with a home run. But not by this guy.

We happened upon the Peacock Diner on Delmar Street in St Louis. It has the best carousel of love I've ever been in. A milkshake on the menu was called The Human Sacrifice, which includes three types of liquor so I had to try it. Another ingredient was cayenne pepper. I was wondering where that came into play. I found out when I licked some of the whipped cream from the top and my tongue got a little zing. I thought they had sprinkled cinnamon on it. Nope, it's the pepper. The shake was delicious.

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