Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Steed In the Stable

Today was Super Sunday in more ways than one. I picked up my Elephant Bikes National Forest Explorer from Glen Copus at eight this morning. Like a Siren this bike beckons you. I jumped onto the saddle as soon as I stepped out of the shop and cruised down the block and back.

Once I got home I ate a quick breakfast, changed into my riding clothes, and headed for Riverside State Park. I cruised around for a little over an hour getting to know the bike. It was a blast to ride. It's light and nimble. I hated to get it dirty but, even though the looks may indicate otherwise, I am not looking for a trophy bike.

This will be my bike packing bike. After my front rack arrives I will have it painted to match the pedals and handlebar tape. I'm really looking forward to doing some long riding on some one and two-night camping trips around here. I plan to ride the Idaho Hot Springs Loop this summer on this bike.

I faithfully follow Rule #12.

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