Saturday, April 2, 2016

30 Days Of Biking - Day 2

Back in January, Kathy saw something about riding bikes through the tulip fields in La Conner, WA. She put it on the family calendar for today. (At our house, the saying goes, "If it isn't on the calendar then it isn't happening.")

Over on the west side of the state, Josh and Amanda agreed to go with us. Steph came home for spring break at oh-dark-thirty this morning so she could go as well. I loaded four of my bikes on the rack and Kathy's extra small bike in the back of the Highlander.

Once there, I had to adjust the bikes as best as I could to fit people they don't fit. Steph and Amanda had it the worst. Steph is smaller than me and Amanda has longer legs than me. And to make it even more challenging for Amanda, this was her first bike ride as an adult.

We rode about 10 miles total and visited some photogenic tulip fields. Vehicle traffic was awful. Sometimes there was a gravel shoulder, if any at all, so that raised the wariness level for some. But everyone trooped on.

Sore butts were in order those those new to the saddle. Hopefully, Kathy and I made up for it by buying dinner that night and lunch the next day.


 Josh rockin' the single speed.



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