Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One Reason I'd Make a Bad Politician

It didn't take long for Washington's senators, along with a number of other political leaders, to express their outrage when the Air Force announced the contract winner for new aerial refueling aircraft--NOT Boeing. When our political leaders get overly involved in these kinds of deals, the tax payer gets stuck with a larger bill and the military gets something that's close to, but not quite, what they need. If Congress gets involved, they will increase the delayed even more while the Air Force's fleet of old planes get older and more worn. Same wasteful ways as before. We can't get a representative or senator to say, "Well, I guess Boeing's bid just wasn't good enough."

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John Speare said...

Reading the SR letters today drove me insane! The same conservative view that espouses the "free market" forgets about the "heavy hand of the gov't" when it comes to making sure 'mericans build our toys of war. errrrg.