Thursday, March 6, 2008

Runner's Road Rage

I decided to get a long run in by running to work this morning. It was cold so I'm wearing a lightweight yellow jacket (gotta be seen by cars) and black gloves. I'm headed south on the sidewalk on Waikiki and all of a sudden an oncoming car lays on the horn as they approach and continues while they pass by. I didn't recognize the car and was wondering WTF when I glanced down and realized what may have happened. My right index finger had gone a little numb from the cold so I had pulled it out of it's glove finger and curled it against the palm to warm. The empty glove finger was protruding from my somewhat clenched fist. With the bright yellow background from the jacket, the glove is very noticeable. I bet that guy thought I was flipping him off!

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