Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Not My Job?

Interesting occurrence this morning on my bike commute to work. I stopped at the 4-way at Lincoln and Standard. To my left, westbound on Lincoln, was a car with an iced up windshield and a 4x6-inch clear spot the driver was looking through. To my right, eastbound on Lincoln, was a Spokane police car. "Alright", I thought, "Someone is going to get pulled over." The blinded driver sat there and didn't budge while cars in all four directions pulled up and stopped. He flashed his lights, I believe for me to go ahead. He probably didn't see that I came to the stop after he did. I looked at the cop. He had a disgusted look on his face and he wasn't moving either. So nobody moved and I thought, "Alright, someone is going to get pulled over." Finally the blind driver went through the intersection. The cop was shaking his head and then he went through the intersection. I thought, "Hey wait--Shouldn't you?--Isn't he?--What if he?--Well, damn!"

The Spokane Police Department recently announced they would be emphasizing the enforcement of jaywalking violations in the downtown area for the next couple of weeks. Presumably they've had a lot of pedestrians getting struck by cars with iced up windshields. Or something.

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