Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pedals to People

Yesterday I helped out the P2P folks at the West Central Community Center during the West Central Neighbor Day Festival. It was awesome. A great crew to work with and a great thing to do. Lots of kids brought their bikes in for a wide variety of repairs.

The gang got this young lady's bike all set because she was going to ride without training wheels for the first time. And she succeeded quite well. The look on her face was precious.

I repaired a flat tire for one young man. Afterwards I looked the bike over and discovered he had no brakes. "Oh, I stop with my shoes," he says. So I turned him over to one of the real mechanics who fixed him up. His bike came off the stand and he rode around the parking lot to try it out. He kept Fred Flintsoning even though his Dad and I were reminding him he had brakes. I hope he breaks that habit soon.

This is both fun and worthwhile if you ever want to volunteer. Even if all you can do is fix flats, which is pretty much my skill set, you'll be busy. I worked on a lot of tires.

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