Sunday, June 8, 2008

Danger, Will Robinson!

This last week of bike commuting presented a new dangerous scenario for me to watch for. I was going east on Buckeye and crossing Division. I was right wheel tracking in the right lane behind several cars. There were no cars behind me. A tow truck dragging a car was the last vehicle in the left lane and slightly ahead of me. A van facing west was in the left turn lane waiting for us to pass so he could go south on Division. I got to the intersection just after the tow truck. As the tow truck got through the intersection I was about halfway across. With split-second timing the van, waiting for the tow truck to pass, stomped on the gas and turned left--right into me. Fortunately, the driver was quick enough to swerve behind me. All I had time to do was think, "Oh, shit!" It's like the reason for wearing a bright yellow jacket and brightly colored jerseys is so they can be displayed at the driver's trial. I'm sure everyone in the jury box would say, "How could you not see that?" Keep your eyes and ears open out there. Um, you drivers too.

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