Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back Home Again

No, I'm not revisiting John Denver's triple platinum album from the year I graduated high school. Remember when radio stations would play an entire album after its release? Heck, remember when radio stations didn't play the same songs over and over? I'm having a serious digression problem here, eh?

It's good to be home after backpacking and then going to Washington, D.C. I want to share one observation about flying. When they call for people to board rows 17 and higher, some people in rows 16 and under get in line. I think they want to make sure they get the overhead space. The attendant scanning the boarding passes notices that some of the passengers are jumping ahead but doesn't call them on it. Instead they announce a "reminder" over the PA that they're boarding rows 17 and higher as if the people jumping ahead didn't understand what they were doing. It is just as effective as speaking loudly to someone who doesn't understand English. It doesn't change anything but it makes at least one person feel better.

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