Saturday, August 9, 2008

s24o at the Two Big Rocks

Josh and Steph acquiesced to riding to the Bowl and Pitcher and camping overnight. I attached the Bob trailer to the tandem and loaded the panniers on my bike for Josh. It was an easy 10-mile ride but it was still hot. The visitor office was closed when we arrived at the campground so we cruised around looking for the overflow area. The camp host was kind enough to direct us and we had to share this huge area with only one other camper. After setting up camp and eating dinner (freezer bag cooking is so nice) we hiked around and played by the river.
For the evening entertainment we played a card game called Five Crowns. Thunderstorms to the east flashed brightly across the sky and threatened us a little. After a bit we started getting some of the wind and just a little rain so we retired to the tent. In the morning we had a snack and watched the ospreys. It looked like the parents were encouraging a fledgling to fly some more. It finally flew across the river to another tree only to be harped on again by mom and dad. Then we loaded up and rode to Salk Middle School where my nephew, Parker, was playing in a championship little league baseball game. After watching a couple of innings we headed on home and got cleaned up. It felt good to unplug for a bit. (I think it counts if we had the cell phone off the entire time.)


John Speare said...

That third picture is fantastic. Great shot.

Looks like a fun time. I think we need to make a run to RSP this year before it's too cold at night.

Hank Greer said...

I reckon that depends on your definition of "too cold".