Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cue The Music

Steph (in the purple UW shirt) and I stopped by the KPBX Recordings and Video sale today. Satisfying my penchant for things that are completely different, I found a self-titled album from 1969 by Larry Coryell and a 12-inch single by Lil Wayne that includes a version marked "clean". Whew!

Steph's selections included four cassettes: two by the great Louis Armstrong, one by KC and the Sunshine Band, and Wham! By my rating scale that makes her three for four. We have a cassette player in the van so I got listen to George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley sing "Wake me up before you go go...." Of course, there was a slight delay as Stephanie had to puzzle out opening the cassette case. Yeah, that from the girl who can't hide her exasperation as she runs circles around me on a cell phone. Or iPad. Or iTouch.

Okay, maybe I should be quiet.

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