Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scenes Around Our Nation's Capital

Photos I took while walking about town.

Protesters standing outside the Supreme Court of the United States. They were pretty quiet.

There are plenty of Capital Bikeshare stations to rent bikes from and I saw quite a few people riding them.

A self-help homeless shelter.

This fellow, along with other like-minded protesters, have sat on this spot at the edge of LaFayette Square across from the White House since 1981. He says they can't leave the shelter because the police will remove it. They can't sleep there because they'll get arrested. So there's always someone sitting there awake. Although he was a little freaky looking with the facial tattoos, he intelligently explained what they were protesting which turned out to include oil and coal dependency and their environmental impacts.

Segways on parade.

Notice anything about this sign? That's right, solar cells. It's a clean green fear mongering machine.

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