Thursday, December 26, 2013

Great Workout Today

I went out for a well deserved bike ride this afternoon, intending to spend a couple of hours behind bars. I headed for the Children of the Sun Trail just north of me. The first part of the trail was crusted ice and snow until I got to the bridge that crosses Farwell. That bridge was slick. The studded tires did not have enough traction and the bike slid right out from under me. 
The snow was misleading because all it did was hide the sheet ice underneath. That was some slick sheet.

Continuing on south, the trail was clear since it got sun during the day. Once I hit Freya I cut across Market and took Regal southbound just like I did during many warmer weather commutes this year. I was thinking about stopping by my work to pick up my Vibrams when I realized I didn't bring my wallet or anything else with me besides my phone. (Although everyone knows me where I work we are still required to show our work badge to get in the building.) So I scratched stopping by there. Once I got close to downtown I cut over to Cincinnati and headed back north again. After a while I ended up on the north-south bike route that follows Addison and Standard. A few blocks before Francis my back tire hit something and went flat. Bummer.

Then I found that I didn't have a spare tube in my pannier. I pulled the tire and tube off, attached the pump and started pumping air. The air was escaping as fast as it was going in so I couldn't locate the leak to patch it. Bummer. And since I didn't have my wallet, I didn't have bus fare. More bummer. So I walked 5 miles home. Woot!
Only 2-1/2 miles to go.


John Greer said...

I'm curious what your studded tires look like? I know you had some for the mountain bike, did you make some for the Elephant?

Hank Greer said...

John, these are manufactured studded tires I bought from a fellow Spokane Bike Club member a couple years ago and they fit my road and cross bike. I still have my homemade studded tired for my mountain bike. They work way better because, along with having more surface area, they have more studs.