Friday, November 6, 2015

Coeur d'Alene Cyclocross

I went to the race on Halloween. I'm always in costume so no worries there. My single speed race was a blast. Lots of mud to splash through. The course dried out a little during the day so my second race wasn't as messy. But I did have an unusual quasi-mechanical problem. While dismounting at the barriers my mountain bike shorts caught on my saddle and I ripped the butt right out of them. I also wear a liner so there was no danger of inappropriate exposure. I tried to continue but my torn shorts would catch on my saddle at times and I couldn't stand up on the pedals at key times like I needed to. I bottomed out so hard on a short descent that I knocked my saddle out of alignment so the front was pointing upwards. Rather than deal with that discomfort for the last lap I walked to the finish and waited for the leader to cross the line. That way I didn't get a DNF.

My favorite course condition--muddy!

See, they do exist.

I did not realize, nor was I aware of, the significance of this duct-taped costume.

 The run crawl up was especially brutal for the kids.

 This young lady was so stoked to be riding in the mud.

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