Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Skin In The Game

A couple years ago I had the great idea to strip down my '92 Specialized Rock Hopper and build it back up again. The unfinished project has been sitting in my garage ever since. Since I bought paint for the rack that's going on my NFE and the minimum amount of powder I could buy was a pound, I thought I'd take this opportunity to have the Rock Hopper frame sandblasted and painted, too.

I have to build the bike up now. There's no way I could let a frame that bright sit around like that. It's going to look fetching in the MTB category cyclocross races.

And I'll need to find some matching socks.


Michael said...

Love the color, I have a Masi track bike of the same color,

Wileydog said...

looks sharp, maybe i need to do something to my marin muirwoods