Sunday, March 27, 2016

Training Ride

Yesterday I spent three hours in the saddle riding around Riverside State Park. I did a loop of the 24 Hour Race, pausing to go up Five Minute Hill three times before continuing on. I followed that up with some general riding around, returning to Five Minute Hill for another three-climb shot. The weather was awesome. The trail conditions were good. And the hills were, um, easier than before?

Peeking at peaks.

In preparing for the 24 Hour Race--going solo again--I'm also experimenting with foods. I've reduced my carb intake, especially sugars, quite a bit over the last couple of months and get most of my calories from fats instead. It's a year-long experiment in a ketogenic diet just for fun. One very noticeable aspect of this--I skip past many of the aisles in the grocery store where I used to load my cart. Also, the selection on the pantry is considerably smaller now. In those moments when you just want some comfort food, there's nothing to eat.

Yesterday's food test was bacon coated with caramelized maple syrup and then dolloped with coconut oil. The bacon tastes delicious as always. The maple syrup adds flavor and just a touch of sugar. The coconut oil is tasteless and adds fat calories. I kept it on ice in a cooler because coconut oil melts at 75 degrees. The downside is the stickiness of the syrup getting on your fingers. But I found it to be a worthwhile energy food.

Mmmmmm, bacon.

Someone left an inflated 26-inch tube with a Schrader valve hanging on a tree. I removed it.

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