Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fear Mongering

So I get this email from the Republican National Committee two days ago:

"Today the RNC released a new web video, titled "Protect America Alert." The video highlights Congressional Democrats' failure to permanently update America's 30-year-old terrorist surveillance law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). In 2007, Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Harry Reid all voted against providing our nation's intelligence community with the vital tools it needs to track and fight potential terrorists.

"Protect America Alert" can be viewed by clicking here.

Typical fear mongering about how we're all gonna die because the Democrats won't give Bush the changes he wants in the FISA legislation. Since I had the opportunity to leave a comment, I did. It's pending approval. I noticed that all eight (Wow, eight!) comments that were posted were highly favorable of the video. I'm betting the party of no credibility will pass on approving my post.

Update: 02/22/2008: There were 6 comments when I posted mine. Now there are 12 and mine is not among them. All approved posted comments are favorable. Hmmmmm.

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