Monday, February 18, 2008

...Stays in Vegas

You can't help but gamble a little when you go to Vegas. I saw some people dropping some serious bucks. I'm amazed that people have that kind of money that they're willing to throw away. Of course, for some it's an investment. The psychology involved in gambling is very interesting. Even though I knew for a fact the odds were against me, I still had that feeling that I could hit it big any moment now. Fortunately, I set a limit. Once my $40 is gone, I'm done. Obviously, I didn't gamble much or for very long.


John Speare said...

Sounds like we have similar approaches to gambling. And similar luck. I never gamble, but about once a decade I find myself in some situation where I'm with someone who stops at a casino. I take $20 and go to Blackjack. I figure that's the only place I can at least have a say in my fate. My goal is to make it to $40 and then stop. I've never made it. Maybe I should switch to roulette? Or the slots?

Hank Greer said...

Slots is probably the best way to go since the house has to return a certain percentage in winnings. Craps is more fun as long as you avoid all the extra ways to bet which are extra (and faster) ways to lose. And you can play longer if you find a table where the minimum bet is $2.