Monday, July 28, 2008

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

It's primary election time and the flyers are arriving in the mail. The Washington Optometric Political Action Committee is supporting a Republican challenger for the 6th district state representative who happens to be a doctor of Optometry. "A clear vision for our community." (No doubt they worked for hours on that slogan. "Hey, I have an idea. We can use words like vision or sight or something like that. Because it's optometry, get it? Huh? Get it?") And because of the quality eye care he has provided they say he is the kind of leader we need in Olympia. I'm sorry, but I'm not convinced that being an optometrist and knowing how to do his job qualifies Mr. Sees So Good as a legislator.

From an old Seattle-PI article:

The Washington Optometric Political Action Committee split 51 donations to incumbents almost 26-25 in favor of Democrats and gave to only four non-incumbents of each party.

"Optometric issues are non-partisan," said Paul Jensen, the committee's treasurer. "We're not really gut-level issues like abortion and gun control. Mainly we support candidates to remind them that we're still around."

Yes, but we elect people to make laws about abortion, gun control, education, taxes, and more. So what do you see in our future if you are elected? Don't hide where you stand in a cloud of fog. Put it all out there in plain sight where we can see it. We cannot make an informed decision if we're lost in the dark. Get it? It's optometry, get it? Huh? Huh?

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