Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are We All Nuts?

While perusing the enormous amounts of material in the series of tubes, I came across this report put together by the Missouri Information Analysis Center about the militia movement. A report a few people take issue with. Regardless, even if you're a Ron Paul supporter it's interesting reading.

Some areas of concern for the militias are a possible Constitutional Convention and a North American Union. It's quite evident our government--well, pretty much any government--can't be trusted. Even sustainability and diplomacy are not above suspicion.

It's easy to categorize this line of thinking. A few years ago a friend of mine told me he was afraid the United Nations army would eventually take over America. When I politely pressed him, he was unable to tell me where this army would come from. In spite of the logic staring him in the face, his belief was undiminished. Every once in a while someone I know surprises me with a strange belief. I wonder if I ever do the same to others.

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fredjdukes said...

But that is the fun of listening to conspiritorial type a weird way it is true because somebody actually believes it.