Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Part We Didn't Hear

Recently, Itronix was in the news. They announced that 300 people were being laid off. Depending on how you look at the numbers, it could actually be 360-380 and anywhere from 60-80 people have the option to move to Florida.

But there was something missing from all those news reports. Where will the rugged laptops and handheld computers be manufactured now? What happened to the approximately 300 jobs that disappeared? Don't reporters ask these questions?

What we weren't told was that the manufacturing jobs are going to Taiwan.

During one meeting a 73-year-old employee asked if it would be unethical for him to accept job training because he might displace a younger person and prevent them from taking that training. How heart wrenching to see a 73-year-old employee put in that position and heart warming to see how much he cares about others.

Not to worry. There is a job available for younger people.

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