Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cyclocross Racing - Liberty Lake

What a fun day! I raced in the Men's Cat 4 again. After getting by as many as I could on the straightaways after the start, I ended up with two guys ahead of me. I put targets on their backs. I actually caught them the second time we did the run up, otherwise known as the trudge up for many of us. I passed them both at the bottom and one of them hurried up at the last moment and tried to get by me at the top. I frantically jumped on my bike off balance and at the same time my front wheel dropped in a hole. I went down and ended up in this awkward position where one leg was trapped between the front wheel and frame while my body helped pin it down by being on top of the frame. Both guys got past and managed to put some distance between us before I was moving again. I was reeling one of them in on the last lap and then the race was over.

I managed the battery time on the cameras better and got video of four of the races this time. Crank up the sound.

*** Update
After going over this post again it appears the reader may be misled into thinking there were *only* two guys ahead of me in the race. That is most certainly not the case. There were many ahead of me, but I could see only two.


Bryan B said...

Hey, I saw you in the back at the lineup! I was going to say "Hey Hank, I read your blog", but, I figured that really wasn't the best time to tell you that.

First CX race ever for me. I think I may be addicted.

Hank Greer said...


Sorry we didn't get to meet. CX is a good addiction. Hope to see you at the races.

Wileydog said...

Thanks, Hank - great video. Sounds like you had a good race. Man, I was such a klutz my first two laps. First I get my brake lever caught in the tape in the spiral section, then I was never in the right gear coming out of those sharp turns that lead uphill. Finally settled down on the 3rd go-round, managed to either pass or stay ahead of a couple guys.
Bryan - yep it only takes one race to get hooked. Super fun.

Patrick Sullivan said...

Great video. Thanks for posting.

Hank Greer said...

You're welcome, Patrick. Looks like you're doing well in Japan.