Friday, May 25, 2012

24-Hour Race Preview

Tomorrow is the 24 Hour Mountain Bike race. After helping set up camp for a team I joined a couple months ago and stuffing goodie bags for all the racers, I checked out the course. My cross bike handled the course pretty well. There were some parts suffering from severe rock infestation. I walked through a couple of them. For those I rode through I found that it was best if I stayed on the right--except for the ones where it's best to stay on the left.
 The Lake District is dry.
 It's call Five Minute Hill because it takes that long.
 Looking down the climb.
 I could climb most of this.
 So far so good.
 This is what John was talking about the other night. I went left but walked down half of it.
Heading for the Centennial Trail proper where you can put the pedal to the metal. 
 Starting to get into the narrow twisting and turning.
 Twists and turns with rocks.
 Lots more rocky trail after Checkpoint 4.

This is a fun course. It has places you can fly and places you can die. My plan during the race is to take video and photos of the team. If there's a last minute loss of a team member before the race starts then I'm racing. Either way, I'll be having fun.

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