Monday, May 7, 2012

Unicycling Explained

After watching this I'm thinking, "It looks so easy. What could go wrong?"


Ein Stein said...

I actually woke up dreaming of a redesigned unicycle frame. For the record, I can't ride a unicycle. Not sure of the symbolism of dreaming of unicycles.

In my dream, the unicycle had inverted triangles on either side of the wheel, instead of usual straight fork/seatpost combo. The lowermost point of the triangles were joined by the hub, and the triangles angled together slightly and joined on the top sides (where the rider sits).

The design allows a handhold a foot or so away from the seat, so those mtb unicyclists would no longer have to look like Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch. Also the option of reaching to handpoint rear (or carry a light lunch, increasing commuter possibilities).

These contact points would change the leverage the unicyclist could achieve, since (in MIT-speak) the seat base would basically be a lever on the hub fulcrum. In normal language, you should be able to yank yourself this way or that with your arms, rather than just relying on twisting torso and backpedaling.

Also would look cool, unlike the dorky pogostick look of the straight setup.

That got me thinking of O and S shaped frames. An S frame would look really cool on unicycle.

Other people get to have sex dreams, I get unicycles.


Hank Greer said...

Keep dreaming about the future even though it's not what it used to be. :-)