Friday, July 20, 2012

Salt Lake City Visit

My job took me to Salt Lake City for a couple of nights. I did most of my sight seeing Wednesday evening. Thursday was a full work day and I flew home Friday morning. The city center is great for running barefoot with lots of smooth cement, granite, and marble to cruise on.

I was impressed with the design of the City-County Building. The architecture style is known as Richardsonian-Romanesque. It's a cool looking building completely surrounded by lawn and trees and it has an entire 10 acre block to itself.

SLC has light rail as well as plenty of traffic downtown. The LOOK signs painted at most intersections serve to remind you to look for trains as well as cars. Pedestrians are not necessarily a protected species. I saw lots of vehicle drivers cutting them off and shooting the gap in crosswalks.

 Thanks, but I think I'll look both ways anyway.

 An appreciable expression of cynicism.

Sightseeing wouldn't be complete without stopping by the Temple. It's walled off and I'm guessing you have to be a credentialed LDS member to get in. I didn't hear the call. 

The City Creek Center mall has a couple of water fountains that you can play in. Did you ever have this much fun when you went shopping with mom?

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