Tuesday, April 1, 2014

30DOB - Day 1

My ride in this morning followed the Children of the Sun Trail until I got to Freya. Continuing south on Freya sucks even without the construction at Francis. Between Francis and Wellesley it's mostly cracked, patched, and potholed two-lane roadway with no shoulder and too much traffic. Instead I head west and cross Market. 
Then I take Regal southbound. It's quiet and mostly residential. There are no problems crossing the arterials (Francis, Wellesly, and Euclid). There are a couple of options near the end of Regal. You can take Euclid east until it connects with Upriver Drive and then take the Centennial Trail to downtown. You can go all the way to the end and follow Illinois to Perry, take Perry to Mission Park and then take the Centennial Trail. Or you can stick with Buckeye, another quiet, residential route to Perry. Then take Perry to Mission Park. Admittedly, that section of Perry between Illinois and Mission Park is also a suck road, both because of poor condition and traffic. But it's only a few blocks long so it's tolerable. 

Early morning start.

One of the guys I work with is having foot surgery and I offered the use of a cane during his recovery. I had the cane bungeed across the top of the bike rack, where I forgot all about it until I got to the bollards coming off the Children of the Sun Trail onto Fairview. PING! I put a nice dent in the cane but no structural damage. I remained conscious of its presence for the remainder my my commute.
 So that's what that noise was.

 Long shadows in the sunrise.

 Caught this photo on the way home.

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