Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30DOB - Day 29/30 s24o

I took the afternoon off from work, loaded my camping gear on the bike, and rode over to the Bowl and Pitcher at Riverside State Park. Fifteen bucks got me a "primitive hiker/biker site" in the overflow area. There are no sites marked as such but I was told I could pitch my tent pretty much anywhere near a fire pit. I found a spot overlooking the river. 

I was the only occupant of the overflow area so it felt like I had the whole park to myself. I spent a relaxing afternoon taking photos and enjoying the quiet solitude. Well, I wouldn't call the rushing river quiet. But it was a soothing white noise.

Osprey flew overhead and called to each other. Ducks and geese flew low over the water. Bumble bees lumbered awkwardly just above ground level, stopping to investigate in between fallen pine needles. Butterflies decorated the flora. Rafters and kayakers went by with big smiles on there faces. 

I had the best night's sleep. I can't remember the last time I slept for nine hours.

I woke up to the cold morning with only my face exposed to the air. Condensation had collected on my mustache. I got out of bed reluctantly. After all, I had to go to work. There's something about being cold and having to go to the bathroom that makes you walk with a purpose when the bathroom is 100 yards away. Back at camp I fired up my little stove and had water boiling for tea in a few minutes. I put a Clif bar in my pocket to warm it up so it would soften up and be easier to eat.

After my small breakfast, I packed everything up and pedaled into town, feeling great and with a big smile on my face.
Base camp.

 Walking bridge across the Spokane River.

 An osprey nest two trees away and way up high.

 My amateur rock balancing.

 Sunrise this morning.

It's like I was never there.


Wileydog said...

nice overnighter, extra points for going to work the next morning. What model of tent is that?

Hank Greer said...

It is a Mountain Hardwear Sprite 1 I picked up about 6 years ago.