Monday, June 15, 2015

What About Applying Direct Pressure?

There's a former Miss Washington USA by the name of Allyson Rowe who posted something interesting on Facebook, which showed up by chance in my newsfeed because one of my "friends' liked it.

Just now as I was driving, I was forced to stop by a car in the middle of the road, and two gentlemen waving their hands at me. I rolled down my window on the passenger side and looked over and saw a young girl with her head cracked open on a huge rock. She had been hit by a car and left there to bleed all alone. I immediately got out of my car and called 911 and was able to pray over her as they were on their way. She was losing consciousness as her head continued to lose blood. The medics came and took her to the hospital. I don't believe that it was coincidence that I found her there and was able to pray over her. She is a beautiful young girl named Abby. Will you please pray for Abby with me tonight and declare complete healing and that they find the person who did this to her? Comment "praying for Abby" if you will.

The post, edited twice so far, has tons of replies from people praying for Abby. I have a couple of concerns about this post.

First of all, she makes absolutely no effort to do something about Abby's bleeding head wound. Most people would apply direct pressure to slow or stop the bleeding. Secondly, there are no details or requests for assistance. If a little girl is the victim of a hit and run, there's usually a lot of publicity because the police want to locate the person who committed the crime. Allyson doesn't state where the crime occurred and her ministry is in Seattle. There's nothing on the Seattle Police Department Twitter feed. Nor is there a mention of a hit and run on the Seattle Times web site.

Allyson is originally from Spokane so I checked Spokane news sites and the police department. No hit and run involving a young girl.

Given the lack of detail I question that this even happened.

*** Update - Allyson stated this happened at Cliff Park Drive on the South Hill in Spokane.

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