Sunday, March 27, 2016

Open Mac Surgery

I've always been a little nervous about messing with computer hardware, but more so with Apple products because I'm so unfamiliar with them. Today I swapped out the 128GB SSD drive in Kathy's Mac Air with a 256GB SSD. And it worked.


CohoMike said...

You are living dangerously! The FBI may want to chat with you ;>)). In a pinch, I'll bail you out with Bitcoin.

Seriously, nice going. Where did you buy the 256GB? Did you use tools found around the house?

Hank Greer said...


I bought a 240GB Transcend JetDrive.

Note that it's for a late 2010-mid 2011 Mac Air.

I bought a set of tools,

But I didn't need them because the tools also came with the drive.

CohoMike said...

Next question: Tell me about getting the OS and data to the new drive. Straightforward? Relatively simple? Do tell.

Favorite Auntie/Sis3 said...

So what does the larger drive cost?

I'd love to have my pictures back on my Mac.

I'm assuming the labor would be donated, since I spent untold hours babysitting you a few years ago....