Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bike Lane Blocker Threefer

As I left work today I was thinking that it's been great that I hadn't seen anyone in the bike lane on the way home for quite some time now. And then I got three of them on Addison.

Duly reported to carparkedinbikelane(at)spokanepolice.org.

That's right. You three are gonna get a letter!


Not said...

Phase 1. More miles of bike lanes.
Phase 2. No enforcement.
Phase 3. Profit!

- Ventura

Phil said...

Is that address for reporting bike lane parking violations real?

Hank Greer said...

Yes, that's the address you report bike lane blockers to in the Spokane city limits. Include a photo of the offender(s).

Phil said...

Thanks, Hank. I took some photos of the bent safety bollard in Liberty Lake today. It's a serious hazard that is just waiting to break someones leg. It's on the north side of the I90 pedestrian/bike bridge at the intersection. Let me know if you can use them.