Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy Week

A week ago I went to Seattle to pick up Josh from UW. I spent a day with my Aunt Janet and Uncle Mike who treated me to a performance of CoppĂ©lia by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. It was my first live ballet performance and it was awesome.

Speaking of awesome. This is what Mike and Janet get to look at outside their back window.
Before picking up Josh in the afternoon, Mike and Janet took me to check out the Seattle Library. It's a pretty cool building.
 A view from above.
 Where is the Marples newsletter?
They are avid library patrons.
Josh and I headed down to Tacoma and stayed with my brother John for a couple of days. My niece, Jasmine, graduated from high school and my niece, Bekah, celebrated her 16th birthday. (These two pictures shamelessly stolen from John's site because I was too lazy to pull them out of iPhoto. It's okay, I took one of them.)

My mom was there as well and I gave her a ride home on Monday. Josh is back at home for the summer. Tuesday I was back to work and trying to catch up on stuff.

And I've been trying ever since. I haven't been running so my hamstring can heal up, but I have been going for short bike rides at lunch time. I took my camera with me today.
I caught a sleeper.

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