Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elephant Part Deux

Back in December, I got my Elephant from Glen and I was very happy. In March he told me, "When you buy a bike from me we should both be exceedingly happy." He said he wasn't happy and wanted to build a new frame for me. He recommended a larger diameter tubing to reduce the flex in the frame and a slightly longer wheel base. I picked it up today.
I wanted a distinctive color for the frame so I went with neon yellow. Glen ran with it, brightening it up and making it even more distinctive. It's awesome.

Steph's reaction when she saw it: "I got dibs when you die."


Judith said...

You'll need hot pink biking shorts + a hawaiian shirt for this.

Jason Gilman said...

Awesome bike Hank! We shouldn't have any trouble spotting you in the wilds of Spokane!

liza said...

totally awesome--i love it!
went to the LMFAO concert on friday with friends and there was much day-glo going on. i did not know you were a party rocker hank. RedFoo would approve