Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Shooting

During my morning run, Kathy and my sister, Barb, went for a power walk. Afterwards, Barb invited us to go skeet shooting after lunch. Is she kidding? Who doesn't want to shoot guns in 25-degree weather during a light snowfall?

I've never shot clay pigeons before and it's been years since I fired any weapon but I'm the only member of the family to have any weapons familiarity. Kathy, Josh, and Steph have never fired a weapon before but they were excited to learn. Barb and two of her sons, Trevor and Parker (both of them excellent shooters), led us northward with 300 bright orange biodegradable flying saucers and more than enough shotgun shells to intercept their flights with. As would be expected, many of the targets hurled for us beginners landed unscathed so it was real exciting for us when we did hit one.
 Kathy's first shot ever while attended to by nephew Trevor.

 Josh nails one.

Steph does her best Annie Oakley.

Fun times.


Papa Grizzly said...

I see that you're running for Congress.

Next time, try to get a flag, a church, and an elementary school in the background.

Wayne LilPeter, NRA said...

Run Hank Run!

I can think of no manly man who could better protect Spokane from maurading mobs of Muslims and crazed ungulates.

Unless, of course, that manly man is Catherine McMorris Rogers.

Call me maybe?

Hank Greer said...

Funny video. Running for office. Now there's an idea. Maybe I could be interviewed after pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey while turkeys are being slaughtered behind me or something.

Hedda Gobbler said...

Ah yes, the Triple-D Turkey Farm.

If you like big breasted turkeys, that's where you'll find them.