Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog Fodder Wish Is Granted

I tend to daydream, ponder, and even excogitate (fist bump the Thesaurus) while I'm running. During today's lunchtime run, I followed the Centennial Trail through Riverfront to Mission Park and back. I was plodding through a misty curtain of light snowflakes when a random thought jumped into the front of the line.

It dawned on me that whenever I'm on the trail, before I move to one side or the other, I always look behind me to make sure I don't get in the way of a faster mover coming from behind me. I do this whether I'm on foot or on the bike. So then I got to wondering,

How long ago did I adopt this wise, safety-ensuring behavior? Could this astuteness somehow be used in a metaphor? Maybe I could share this sagacity in a blog entry.

Intensely focused though I was, I recognized I'd reached the parking lot at Mission Park and it was time to turn around. I did a U-turn on the path and found myself closing the gap on a cyclist whom I would have seen and avoided had I looked back but now had forced to take evasive action so he wouldn't hit the stupid look on my face.

There's no telling what flash of genius will strike me tomorrow. Hopefully, not something big enough to hurt me.

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