Friday, November 29, 2013

My Names Are Hank

Should I respond? Or will my heart be crushed like last time?

Hello Dear, 

It is nice and joyful to found your email address on the Internet search during my quest for friendship to keep busy the lonely and lovely world. Hope you fill the vacuum? I thought is beautiful to make you a friend in this regard. My names are Lucy Williams, a Canadian nationality, female. My friends tell me that I am a quiet person with a good sense of humor. 

I am always fair, straightforward, honest and easy going lady and I seek trust worthy friendship. I believe in giving and taking on both sides and I value faithfulness. I like people for what they are and not for what they are not. I want to be your friend, and let share whatever we have in friendship. 

I will be detailed in my consequential mails and expecting same from you if both considered: 

AGE: 33 languages spoken: Fluent English & little Spanish. 

It will be nice to know you in this regard. 

Yours truly, 



Katpiss Evermean said...

Take it from me Mr. Dear, a woman named Female probably isn't.

Single Player said...

Don't blame yourself, Canadian Nationality.

Someday Hank will regret rejecting the stable, thrifty, and caring health system you offer.

But, right now, Hank is into casual online hookups with blingy insurers. A real meat marketplace. He doesn't see that they are just using him.

Hey. It's not your fault, Canadian Nationality. Be glad he didn't take you down with him.

Have you considered sending a wink to Brazil?

John Greer said...

Let her off easy dude. There are too many broken hearts out their.